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    Heroes Reborn

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    Heroes Reborn

    Heroes Reborn: Die Fortsetzung der NBC-Kultserie Heroes wirft viele neue Fragen auf. Nach 13 Folgen enttäuscht ein weiterer Cliffhanger. Ein Jahr nach dem verheerenden Anschlag in Odessa ist der texanische Ort ein Haufen Schutt und Asche. Nur wenige konnten fliehen und die Regierung macht Menschen mit Superkräften, also jene, die noch vor nicht allzu langer Zeit als Helden gefeiert. Heroes Reborn: Ein Jahr ist es her, dass ein verheerender Terroranschlag die Stadt Odessa in Texas zerstörte. Die „Heroes“, Menschen mit übernatürlichen .

    Heroes Reborn

    Heroes Reborn ist eine Serie von Tim Kring mit Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet), Henry Zebrowski (Quentin Frady). Finde hier alle News und Videos der Serie. Heroes Reborn wird nicht weitergeführt. Die Fortsetzung der Erfolgsserie Heroes endet nach der Ausstrahlung der Folge. Heroesreborn S1 Joanne Keyart 0. Ein Jahr nach dem verheerenden Anschlag in Odessa ist der texanische Ort ein Haufen Schutt und Asche. Nur wenige konnten fliehen und die Regierung macht Menschen mit Superkräften, also jene, die noch vor nicht allzu langer Zeit als Helden gefeiert.

    Heroes Reborn Hauptfiguren Video

    Tommy stops time - Heroes Reborn

    ber das Programm gelangen Sie White Snake nur in den MP3-Store mit seinem ppigen Angebot von 43 Watchbos Songs, Heroes Reborn und hingebungsvoll bis zuletzt geht sie ihren einzigartigen Weg. - Wo kann ich diese Serie schauen?

    Er hat seinen eigenen Weg gefunden, mit seinen Fähigkeiten umzugehen. In der dritten Staffel wird Bob von Sylar getötet der sich dessen Fähigkeit aneignet. Gemeinsam finden sie sich in einen schicksalhaften Glücklich Wie Lazzaro verstrickt, bei dem einmal mehr die Zukunft der Menschheit auf dem Spiel steht. September Serienstart in Deutschland: 6.
    Heroes Reborn Ein Jahr nach dem verheerenden Anschlag in Odessa ist der texanische Ort ein Haufen Schutt und Asche. Nur wenige konnten fliehen und die Regierung macht Menschen mit Superkräften, also jene, die noch vor nicht allzu langer Zeit als Helden gefeiert. Heroes Reborn ist eine US-amerikanische Miniserie von Tim Kring und Fortsetzung der Mystery-Fernsehserie Heroes aus den Jahren bis Die aus. Nachdem die Serie im Mai eingestellt worden war, erschien als Fortsetzung die teilige Miniserie Heroes Reborn. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung. Heroes Reborn: Ein Jahr ist es her, dass ein verheerender Terroranschlag die Stadt Odessa in Texas zerstörte. Die „Heroes“, Menschen mit übernatürlichen . "Heroes Reborn" was a –97 crossover story arc among comic book series published by the American company Marvel Comics. During this one-year, multi-title story arc, Marvel temporarily outsourced the production of several of its most famous comic books to the studios of its popular former employees Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld. In January of Marvel has announced it will release a new.  · Heroes Reborn: How Marvel's Reboot World Changed WITHOUT the Avengers. The original "Heroes Reborn" event created an entirely new world for the heroes of Earth that continued to evolve further once the Avengers departed.
    Heroes Reborn

    Midnight, Texas. The Cape. The Event. Knight Rider. The Supernatural phenomenon begins again with a fresh crop of inspiring heroes who take on the ultimate struggle between those with extraordinary abilities and those with nefarious motives to hunt and harness their powers.

    Epic adventures await these newly empowered allies as they cross paths with some of the original characters, unlocking the mysterious fate of the universe and their place within it.

    Written by Heroes Rebirth. Well i think how they made the storyline of the show is quite interesting. Although, i am very disappointed that not a lot of the main characters of Heroes didn't get to reprise their roles.

    I think it would become an even better higher rating show if they actually included more of the old characters. It would be super awesome to see Sylar as the hero of the show for once.

    I really really hope that if Heroes: Reborn gets a Season 2, just for the sake of saving the show, please include more of the original Heroes characters.

    All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. FULL CAST AND CREW TRIVIA USER REVIEWS IMDbPro MORE LESS.

    Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites.

    Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. Die aus 13 Episoden bestehende Serie wird auch als event series oder mini-series bezeichnet.

    Im Mittelpunkt stehen erneut Menschen mit übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten aus der ganzen Welt. Die Hauptrolle bleibt bei Jack Coleman , auch weitere Schauspieler der ursprünglichen Produktion wurden wieder verpflichtet.

    Die Erstausstrahlung in den Vereinigten Staaten fand am September auf NBC statt. Mitte Januar gab der Sender die Einstellung der Serie bekannt. In Deutschland wurde die Serie ab 6.

    Oktober auf dem deutschen Syfy Kanal gezeigt. Um den Tod ihres Sohnes zu rächen, der bei dem Anschlag ums Leben kam, machen sich Luke und Joanne auf, um diese Menschen zu finden.

    Tommy is captured by Quentin and Phoebe and taken to Erica. When Noah goes to say farewell to Caspar and finds Malina.

    The final scene shows Miko waking up years in the future in a barren desert, with a city visible in the distance. Larysa Kondracki. Noah takes charge of Malina, refusing to trust Luke.

    Meanwhile, Tommy wakes up in Erica's house, with a strange scar on his neck and still unable to use his powers. Erica reveals that she doesn't believe anything can stop the magnetic reversal, but says that she was using Hiro's powers to create a bridge between the present and the future to recolonize the post-apocalypse Earth.

    At Sunstone Manor, Matt uses Carlos to interrogate Farah, trying to find Malina. Tommy takes Erica, Phoebe, and Quentin to the future, to see the city Gateway.

    Taylor helps HeroTruther's group sneak into Sunstone Manor. Miko sneaks into Gateway's core facility and finds Hachiro Otomo and the real Miko, while in the present, Otomo gives Ren a key to Gateway and tells him to come to the future.

    Erica says she tried to steal Tommy's powers but it didn't work, and Tommy agrees to help bring as many people as possible to Gateway, until Miko finds him.

    Malina stops a storm but is met with hatred, and when Noah disappears Luke saves her. As Carlos, Farah, and Taylor try to escape, an army of Harris clones converges on Sunstone.

    Matt learns that he is not on Erica's list of people to save. Meanwhile, Tommy, guided by the 9th Wonders! Matt finds out that Taylor is pregnant and thinks he now has leverage over Erica.

    Malina and Luke are stopped by Harris and the Fradys, and Luke knocks out Phoebe, torches Harris, and talks Quentin down, capturing the siblings.

    At the Gateway Community Center in Odessa, Erica reunites Tommy with Emily and his mother. Quentin tells Malina about Gateway, and Malina stops Luke from killing Phoebe.

    Harris Prime duels Katana Girl who kills him before disappearing for good. Harris Prime's death destroys all of his clones. Micah explains the approaching threat, then makes a broadcast to the world exposing Erica's lies and Mohinder's innocence, calling upon Evos and non-Evos to stand together.

    Erica asks Joanne Collins to kill Malina. As everyone drives to Odessa, the sun releases the first solar flare. Jon Jones. Word is spreading about the solar flare.

    Tommy leaves when he hears that Renautas is saving only 12, people. Matt trades Taylor for three Gateway watches to save his family.

    In a flashback, Erica sleeps with an Evo as payment for saving her father's life. Luke loses Phoebe, but Quentin decides to trust him.

    Ren enters Gateway and meets Emily. Although Erica offers a fresh start, Taylor refuses to be a part of the new Gateway. Another flashback shows Erica killing Taylor's father when he tried to take Taylor away.

    Luke, Malina, and Quentin go to Union Wells High School and make a scene for the news cameras to attract Tommy's attention; Micah sends the footage everywhere.

    Tommy and Joanne come, but Otomo appears and sends Tommy to Evernow. When Joanne shoots at Malina, Luke incinerates her. An invisible Farah took the bullet.

    Matt's car crashes, leaving his watch damaged and the other two lost. A final flashback shows Caspar at Erica's house, and she asks him to help Taylor.

    Ren and Emily access the core using the necklace Otomo gave Ren, just in time to hear Otomo say he imprisoned Tommy and see Otomo drugged and carried away.

    Tommy's powers open the Gateway portal. Ren and Emily awaken Otomo and the real Miko. Luke sacrifices himself to absorb the first solar flare. In the labyrinth of Evernow Tommy meets a future self who helps him remember his past.

    Quentin kills Phoebe in the clocktower to save Malina. Otomo sends Ren into Evernow, where he reunites with Katana Girl to save Tommy. Released, Tommy appears in future Gateway.

    Erica reveals that this future depends on the world being destroyed, and will cease to exist if he saves it, so Tommy uses his powers to exist in both times simultaneously.

    When he and Malina can't join their powers, he revisits a time when Angela tested them, learning that they need a conduit. He saves Noah, who sacrifices himself to help his grandchildren, while the other Tommy brings everyone back from the future except Erica.

    Three months later, Quentin refuses to reveal the heroes' identities. Miko and Ren spar together, Carlos and Farah continue El Vengador's work, and Tommy and Emily live normally.

    Tommy and Malina receive tarot cards, and Angela says their father is coming and no one can protect them.

    HeroTruther interrupts a Renautas ad to warn people that there is a battle being waged against the newly revealed Evos, forcing them back into hiding.

    Two years ago, Phoebe Frady, after watching HeroTruther's broadcast, shows her brother Quentin her ability to manipulate shadows. However, Doom is stopped by Mr.

    Fantastic and Thor who rescue the boy. Thor uses his hammer to create a portal, trapping himself and Doom on it. As soon as the remaining heroes break the boundaries between the two worlds, they all suddenly remember their past lives.

    Bruce Banner and the Hulk are merged back together into one singular being. The returned Anthony Stark possesses the memories of both the original and teenage Anthony Stark, and thus considers himself to be essentially both of them.

    The pocket universe was then placed under the authority of Ashema the Listener. In , Marvel collected Heroes Reborn: The Return limited series re-titled as the Return of the Heroes trade paperback.

    It was re-released in as Heroes Reborn: The Return trade paperback again collecting the 4-issue mini-series, and also the Heroes Reborn one-shot specials from Doomsday 1, Ashema 1, Masters of Evil 1, Rebel 1, Remnants 1, Young Allies 1, and Doom 1.

    In July , Marvel published the trade paperback Fantastic Four: Heroes Reborn , collecting Fantastic Four vol.

    With marking the 10th anniversary of the "Heroes Reborn" crossover, Marvel marked the occasion by having the reality-traversing Exiles team visit the "Heroes Reborn" Earth, in Exiles The company also announced it was reprinting original "Heroes Reborn" series and produced trade paperbacks collecting issues excluding the series finale cross-over "World War III" of the four titles.

    Also, Marvel announced that Jeph Loeb and Rob Liefeld would reunite in November for Onslaught Reborn , a five-part weekly limited series that would feature both Onslaught and a world similar to the "Heroes Reborn" universe.

    This was planned to tie in with the memorial scholarship fund established in honor of Loeb's son Sam.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the US comic book crossover.

    Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 is one of five one-shot tie-ins launching alongside the main Heroes Reborn event this byluminary.comr this week, AiPT revealed Steve Orlando and Bernard Chang's Magneto and the Mutant Force, ComicBook revealed Jim Zub and Steven Cummings' Young Squadron, CBR revealed Ryan Cady and Michele Bandini's Hyperion & the Imperial Guard, and Newsarama revealed Marc. Here are the details provided by Marvel for Heroes Reborn # " Reborn #1 will welcome readers to a world where Tony Stark never built the Iron Man armor. Where Thor is a hard-drinking atheist. Created by Tim Kring. With Jack Coleman, Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay, Kiki Sukezane. A year ago, a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, left the city decimated. Blamed for the tragic event, those with extraordinary abilities are in hiding or on the run from those with nefarious motives. Heroes Reborn is an American television miniseries with 13 episodes which premiered on September 24, , as a continuation of the NBC science fiction serial drama series Heroes. Series creator Tim Kring returned as executive producer. During the Super Bowl, NBC aired a second teaser promo for the series. Heroes Reborn - Watch every episode on byluminary.com and the NBC App. The epic sci-fi tale of people with extraordinary abilities continues.
    Heroes Reborn
    Heroes Reborn Use the HTML below. All-New, All-Different Marvel ResurrXion Marvel Chappie 2 Fresh Start Dawn of X Outlawed Reign of X. Farah Nazan 8 episodes, Quentin confronts the girl Inhalt Fifty Shades Of Grey manipulates shadows, who is his sister Phoebe; she kills him to protect Erica's mission. Tim Kring. Retrieved July 23, Renautas scientists reveal that there is less than a week until solar radiation devastates the earth. Im Februar kündigte NBC dann eine Fortsetzung Heroes Reborn Serie unter dem Titel Heroes Reborn als Miniserie an. Greg Grunberg Was Spricht Man In Belgien in Heroes lange Zeit als telepathischer Matt Parkman einer der Saubermänner der Serie. Alternate Versions. Cast members Graphic novels Music My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Cast Evolutions Heroes: Saving Charlie Heroes Unmasked The Post Show. Noah Bennet 13 episodes, Angela takes future Noah to Claire in surgery after she died in childbirth. HeroTruther interrupts a Renautas Anime Charakter Erstellen to warn people that there is a battle being waged against the newly revealed Evos, forcing them back into hiding. At Sunstone Manor, Matt uses Carlos to interrogate Farah, trying to find Malina.


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