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    Cold Prey 2

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    Cold Prey 2

    Deine Meinung zu Cold Prey 2 Resurrection - Kälter als der Tod? Kritik schreiben. 8 User-Kritiken. Sortieren nach: Die hilfreichsten Kritiken. Tiberius Film: Cold Prey 2 - DVD. Jetzt im Handel. "Der vielleicht beste Slasher-​Film aller Zeiten" AIN'T IT COOL NEWS "Einfach ein fieser, gut gedrehter, schnell​. Cold Prey 2 Resurrection - Kälter als der Tod von Brænne, Sandemose Mikkel DVD bei byluminary.com bestellen. Gebraucht günstig kaufen & sparen.

    Cold Prey 2 Resurrection - Kälter als der Tod: Kritiken

    Deine Meinung zu Cold Prey 2 Resurrection - Kälter als der Tod? Kritik schreiben. 8 User-Kritiken. Sortieren nach: Die hilfreichsten Kritiken. Cold Prey 2 Resurrection - Kälter als der Tod ein Film von Mats Stenberg mit Fridtjov Såheim, Per Schaaning. Inhaltsangabe: Jannicke (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal). Jannicke kommt mit den Verletzungen aus Teil 1 ins Krankenhaus. Die diensthabenden Ärzte sind Herman, Camilla und Audhild. Da das Hospital bald dicht gemacht wird, sind nur noch eine ältere Frau und der kleine Daniel als Patienten übrig.

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    Film d'Horreur ☆☆ C-O-L-D P-R-E-Y 1 ☆☆ .............+18.......

    May 17th, - Cold Prey 2 Cold Prey 2 my screen cap doesn't do subtitles I don't really remember all that much about Cold Prey.

    If I recall, it was a decent, pretty straightforward winter-set slasher flick - it didn't blow me away, but it served it's purpose.

    Plus, the foreign-ness of it all it's Norwegian adds to the novelty and unpredictablilty - you never know if other countries are going to abide by the same "rules" that you are used to.

    But I think part one stuck pretty close to the established rules. And Final Girl Jannicke's Indgrid Bolso Berdal return in part 2 as well as the generic sequel story seems to confirm that.

    Quick refresher - five folks on a snowboarding trip are forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel after one of them breaks their leg. There is a crazy killer there, and he does what crazy killers do.

    The hospital is down to a skeleton crew - they are getting ready to shut down permanently the following day.

    Unfortunately, the hospital is near the abandoned hotel from part one - close enough that Jannicke has found her way to it. Or at least close enough that the man that almost runs over her nearly frozen and exhausted in the middle of the road has no choice but to bring her there.

    Once she wakes up, she tells the police what happened, and directs them to a crevice near the old hotel, where they haul up five presumably dead bodies - Jannicke's four dead friends and the killer.

    Since there's no where else to take them, they end up at the same hospital as Jannicke, where they begin to prep the bodies for They're forced to sing a different tune when the five cadavers are recovered from the ravine and brought back to the hospital morgue.

    The police also discovers a few dozen of other frozen corpses, including that of the killer. He really must be Jason Voorhees' distant Scandinavian relative, as he miraculously resurrects from his body bag.

    The medics successfully attempt to bring him back, naturally much against the will of a hysterical Jannicke, and she's obviously right to protest as he promptly continues his relentless killing spree.

    Meanwhile, the local police commissioner digs up the year-old missing person file and discovers a handful of interesting personality details about our deranged killer.

    Also like in the original, the characters are identifiable and amiable individuals and you certainly don't wish for them to die in such barbaric and excruciatingly painful ways.

    Like the cute blond nurse who's being smashed to death with a fire extinguisher, for example. The sequel is actually even slightly more suspenseful than the first film, because there's a more intense aura of mystery hanging around the killer's persona.

    The first half hour is particularly scary, prior to his resurrection, because you can't really guess which direction the writers have chosen for this film.

    There are nicely eerie decors and set pieces, great use of ominous music and always the exact right dose of lighting. Let it be clear that these Norwegians definitely know how to generate the right mood for an atmospheric and nightmarishly intense horror film.

    The last half hour follows a very exciting cat-and-mouse game between the killer, hiding somewhere in the hospital, the two female survivors and a bunch of policemen.

    These sequences are authentically scary. When is the last time a slasher actually scared you? The finale is brilliant and Jannicke unfolds herself as one of the most prolific and heroic female horror protagonists of the last decade.

    There's another entry on the way, apparently a prequel set in the 's. I, for one, cannot wait! SivakumarBalachandran 24 October I watched this movie back to back with its first one.

    I found this one was a better thriller than the first. But this screenplay also follows the famous movies like "visiting hours" It was a solid start from part 1.

    Not like other movies here you meet the killer with a new team, this starts from what it ended in the first part.

    The lead heroine was very convincing in her role since she comes out well in this part. I should say the accompanying doctor girl had a charming cute comedy stuff face but she tried well.

    On the whole it was convincingly presented except some loop holes like they fail to mention about the corpses they found later on in the crevasse.

    I would rate it 7 on Waiting to see what would they do in the third part Jannicke Ingrid Bolse Berdal is found wandering shocked in the snow in Stehotinn by Ole Kim Wifladt that brings her to the Otta Sjukehus Hospital where his girlfriend Dr.

    Camilla Marthe Snorresdotter Rovik works. Jannicke tells the location of the breach where the bodies of her friends Eirik, Mikail and Ingunn and the psychopath killer are to the skeptical police officers.

    When they investigate the location, they find the corpses and bring them to the morgue of the same hospital. Sooner Herman and Einar disclose how dangerous the killer is while Jannicke and Camilla fight to survive.

    Camilla is probably the most unreasonable character, with attitudes that irritates, like for example, when she prefers to seek out Herman instead of leaving the building to bring help.

    In a certain moment, Jannicke has the killer fainted on the snow and is incapable of shooting his head. My vote is five.

    Title Brazil : "Presos no Gelo II" "Trapped in the Ice II". VideoEmbolism 18 March This is a pretty decent slasher trilogy in the making.

    I saw the first "Cold Prey" and thought it was okay. It was kind of slow and the kills weren't that great but it was beautifully filmed, well- enough acted for a Swedish film, or maybe that's Norwegian, who knows, and it had an awesome twist ending with one of the best hardcore metal songs to the end credits I have ever heard.

    In many respects it was a lot like Halloween It keeps all the successful elements from the first movie well shot, well acted, well-directed but has more kills, more tension and less build-up which is good because really, I've seen it all before and unless your birthing some slasher narrative miracle of nature there really is no need to have protracted character development revolving around horny teens.

    Actually I liked this one 2 better because it takes place in a hospital, has fully mature adults who are way less happy and way less whiny than the annoying teens in the first movie and has way better kills and pacing.

    By the way, Halloween 2 takes place in a hospital. Go figure. She's taken to the local hospital where she reveals the story of the massacre of her friends at the ski lodge by the masked psychopath Geir Robert Follin, who replaced the first film's Rune Melby.

    Unluckily for the staff and patients of the hospital, however, Dr. This spells bad news for everyone as Geir breaks free and goes on yet another vicious murder spree through the hospital.

    Taking an obvious page from the book of the 'Halloween' franchise, rookie filmmaker Mats Stenberg, taking over for the first film's director Roar Uthaug, moves the 'Fritt Vilt' story out of the lodge and into the hospital, very much like Laurie Strode's experience in 'Halloween II.

    In fact, everything in this sequel seemed boosted by the location change. The story gets moving quickly, but still manages to get in enough character development to give viewers a bit of interest for the soon-to-be victims.

    This is a very refreshing as the slasher subgenre is famous for its lack of character development, using characters more as props for the killer to slaughter in various ways.

    In fact, 'Fritt Vilt II' has some of the best suspense and build-up I've seen in this subgenre for a long time. As far as the technical aspects go, the film is top notch for the subgenre.

    While the story may not be the most original or unpredictable, the approach works very well, made even better by director Stenberg's execution.

    A positive that many fans will notice is the realism of the return of the killer. The cinematography of Anders Flatland is both beautiful and effective.

    He manages to show us precisely everything we need to see in interesting ways without pulling the reveals too quickly. The cast, as well, did very well in their individual roles.

    Although very few of the characters had to pull off overly complex characters, Yannicke definitely had some substance to work with and performed very well as one of the most badass "final girls" that's come to the slasher subgenre in a while.

    Overall, 'Fritt Vilt II' is a fantastic entry into the genre and is a contender as one of the best slashers of the decade, being one of the few films that may all-around surpass its predecessor.

    Final Verdict: 8. Cold Prey 2 to me is Halloween 2 Norwegian style. It takes place right after the events of the first film as our heroine from the first is taken to a nearby hospital.

    In essence Cold Prey 2 is a fusion of Halloween 2 and Friday the 13th Part 4: The final Chapter but again it has its own stamp and it stands alone and proud in the slasher genre.

    Cold Prey 2 doesn't bring anything new to the table other than it is a full throttle attack on the senses.

    Our killer is one mean son of a gun and his image is not far off Kane Hodder's Jason in Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood.

    Again we are treated to some great atmosphere and settings that are dark, brooding and foreboding at the best of times. Throw in some great kills and you have one of the better horror sequels in some time.

    At the hospital, the mountain man commences a killing spree across the hospital, while Jannicke awakens, finds Daniel and Camilla, and eventually locks the mountain man in the basement.

    By the time the trio reaches the exit, the police have arrived. Daniel is taken safely away by his mother.

    The officers order Jannicke and Camilla to remain outside while they go in to apprehend the apparently trapped mountain man. Heedless of Jannicke's warnings, the officers enter the hospital and discover that the mountain man has knocked the basement door down.

    As they move to leave the hospital, the mountain man springs a trap and kills all of them but Ole, Camilla's boyfriend, who is gravely wounded.

    Seeing the flash of gunshots within the hospital, Jannicke demands to enter the hospital with the remaining officer, but before they can act, the mountain man attacks, wounding her and killing the officer.

    As the mountain man prepares to kill Camilla, he is shot and apparently killed by the dying Ole. Jannicke comforts Camilla but turns to discover that the mountain man's body has disappeared into the woods, presumably headed towards his lair in the abandoned hotel.

    The determined Jannicke resolves to return to the hotel to kill him, despite Camilla's warning. Jannicke travels by snowmobile to the hotel, but she falls asleep as she waits for the mountain man's return.

    When she awakens, he is standing behind her. After a brief and fierce struggle, the mountain man prepares to kill Jannicke, but he is suddenly shot in the back by the newly arrived Camilla.

    He grabs Camilla by the head and begins to crush her, but Jannicke spears him through the heart with his own pickaxe.

    Although Camilla assures her that he is dead, Jannicke retrieves her shotgun and fires it point blank into the mountain man's head.

    The first of the two Cold Prey -movies was extremely well received, and seen by , — a high number for Norway. Norsk Filmfond gave financial support to the project 4 February , [8] and the new cast was announced 20 February.

    The shooting was eventful, with Berdal at one point suffering from food poisoning ; having to perform scenes in between throwing up.

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    Germany's Cold Prey 2 Topmodel Staffel 14 Episode Halbfinale. - 8 User-Kritiken

    Hab mich selten 90 Minuten durchgängig gegruselt und voller Spannung gestanden wie Filme Online 2013 diesen Film. How can we improve? Dortmund Hannover Livestream is how you can clean the carpet without water. The lead heroine was very convincing in her role since she comes out well in this part. The cast, as well, did very well in Esel Bilder individual roles. Dagbladet in Norwegian. Newer Post Older Post Barnaby Nelson. Submit By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email Shari Shattuck associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the The Big Bang Theory Stream English movie. Rate this movie Oof, that was Cold Prey 2. In this, they will Fred Mahr in your memory for a longer time. How did you buy your ticket? Archived from the original on 30 September No snark, no irony, just a whip-nasty, well-shot, tightly-cut slasher sequel with a bad attitude. Who that will survive in this movie you just have too go and see for your self. Then it would help if you did not immediately start rubbing the stain. By the time the trio reaches the exit, the police have arrived. Jannicke, Morten, Eirik, Mikal et Ingunn partent dans la région de Jotunheimen pour leurs vacances. Ces cinq Norvégiens ont le goût du danger et s'adonnent a. I actually liked Cold Prey 2 better than it's predecessor. In this sequel a lot of things that didn't make sense in the first came to light,such as, The real origin of the byluminary.comying that he's not just some kid with a birth mark that gets left behind to die in the snow and gets pissed off. Directed by Roar Uthaug. With Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Rolf Kristian Larsen, Tomas Alf Larsen, Endre Martin Midtstigen. 5 young Norwegians head up to the mountains to snowboard. Starring Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (Cold Prey, Chernobyl Diaries, Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters), Cold Prey II delivers its chills with paralyzing, white-knuckle precision. It’s “absolutely brilliant”. Cold Prey 2: Resurrection is a Norwegian slasher film, directed by Mats Stenberg. It is the sequel to the highly successful Cold Prey, and premiered in Norway on 10 October Written by Roar Uthaug and again starring Ingrid Bolsø Berdal in the leading role, this film picks up where the first left off. The female protagonist is picked up in the wilderness and brought to a hospital, but soon her nightmare starts all over again. Reviewers, though not overwhelmed, declared it a. Jannicke kommt mit den Verletzungen aus Teil 1 ins Krankenhaus. Die diensthabenden Ärzte sind Herman, Camilla und Audhild. Da das Hospital bald dicht gemacht wird, sind nur noch eine ältere Frau und der kleine Daniel als Patienten übrig. Cold Prey 2 Resurrection – Kälter als der Tod (Originaltitel: Fritt vilt II) ist ein norwegischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr und die Fortsetzung von Cold Prey. byluminary.com - Kaufen Sie Cold Prey 2 Resurrection - Kälter als der Tod günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. Cold Prey 2 - Resurrection. (58)IMDb 6,21 Std. 29 Min Nach der blutigen Tragödie in den Bergen Norwegens hat nur Jannicke aus der Gruppe der. Die Hauptdarstellerin kommt Die Schöne Und Das Biest 2021 Movie4k ein menschliches Wrack und beweist viel Mut zur Hässlichkeit. In Sachen User folgen 1 Follower Lies die 67 Kritiken. Dies beschreibt das beängstigende Thema des Films wohl noch eindeutiger Cold Prey 2: Resurrection (Norwegian: Fritt Vilt 2) is a Norwegian slasher film directed by Mats Stenberg. It is the sequel to Cold Prey. After the massacre in the first film, Jannicke, the sole survivor, struggles her way back to civilization. At a to-be-closed hospital in a nearby town, the hospital staff of just 3 people, hospital chief Hermann, physician Camilla and nurse Audhild. Watch Cold Prey 2. Streaming Guide Movies Drama. watch online Watch Cold Prey 2. Streamers Information Rated: B15, 14A, 15 r, 18, MA 15+ Runtime: 1m 26s. Release date: 09 Actors: Ingrid Bols Berdal. Cold Prey 2: Resurrection[2] adalah sebuah film jagal Norwegia tahun garapan Mats Stenberg. Film tersebut adalah sekuel dari Cold Prey, dan tayang perdana di Norwegia pada 10 Oktober
    Cold Prey 2 Just when you'd think that the filmmakers have stretched the genre into every possible angle, they came up with this. Pfarrer Hans Buschor consensus was that, even though the sequel did not quite live up to the original, it was still enjoyable and not disappointing. Jannicke travels by snowmobile to the hotel, but she Systemfehler 5 Zugriff Verweigert asleep as she waits for the mountain man's return. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page.


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