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I'm generally nuts about all things code, color & design.

I love what I do
I am also just crazy about speedy spots.
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Welcome to by Luminary

I'm a web developer, a trying to be a more active blogger and I really am generally nuts about all things code, color and design. I love the whole process of developing and coding a project to completion. To me it is so much more then a job or a project, it is my passion.

Currently I work full time for BAE Systems programming and coding applications for "The Man". I work with a wonderful team writing and debugging PHP/MySQLi, Javascript and jQuery web applications using an array of technologies and applications.

Code Canyon Portfolio

  • userResponse MySQL User Control System
  • userResponse Flat File User Control System
  • TimeZone Component - Time Clock Description
  • supportResponse PHP Support and Discussion System
  • Tasked PHP Task Management
  • Fess Up Anonymous Confessions
  • Passworx Password Locker
  • Snipped Code Snippet Gallery and Marketing App
  • TimeZone Employee Management & Time Clock
  • Bugged! Easy Bug Tracking
  • Frameworx - Bootstrap Powered PHP MySQLi Framework
  • Reside Rental Property Management
  • Metro'Con Metro Styled Social and Link Type Icons
  • clientResponse Responsive PHP Client Management